Welcome to Barkley Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for decades, we welcome every body to our community! We recognize that not one style fits all and that’s why we have created Yin and Yang classes both hot and not to suit your needs and lifestyle. We are here to cultivate and nurture more health, greater happiness and a deeper sense of wellbeing. We teach yoga because we want others to experience the bliss that we have received through our own practice.


All you need is a mat, towel and water, and if you don’t have a mat and a towel, we have them for you. Come as you are and wear comfortable clothing. You are never too out of shape, unhealthy, old or inflexible to begin your yoga journey; wherever you are is the perfect place to start. Our team of dedicated instructors are here to help guide you safely along your path from where you are at right now, so come get started with us today!

Benefits of Infrared Hot Yoga

No noise, just pure sun-like warmth to strengthen your immune system and sweat out toxins, infrared light stimulates cell production to promote healthy muscle tissue and organs that regular exercise cannot achieve. Don’t let the heat intimidate you, it’s there to help you get deeper into your practice, helping to increase strength and flexibility. You can lose body fat and increase your metabolism as you become stronger while simultaneously releasing stress and anxiety. If you are new to the heat, we are here to help you through; take it easy and take as many breaks as you need in the beginning of your practice. A regular yoga practice also balances hormones that help you sleep deeply and wake-up renewed, boosting your bliss!

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